Can't find the right ice machine or accessory you need from KoolAire? There are a number of other ice machine manufacturing companies which may offer products to suit your exact needs! Some of the major manufacturers include Hoshizaki, Scotsman, and Manitowoc.

Hoshizaki: An Excellent Alternative to KoolAire

Hoshizaki is a manufacturer and distributor of ice machines including dispensers, cubers, bins and flakers. Their range of products are manufactured in the U.S. and come with 3-year warranties on parts and labor.


While some of Hoshizaki's ice machines may be a bit higher in price, they are exceptionally high quality. The company has even been characterized as the "Cadillac of Ice Machines."


A major difference of Hoshizaki Ice Machines is that they use stainless steel evaporator plates, and these plates have an exceptionally long life expectancy. These evaporators rarely ever flake or peel from continuous wear or operation.


Because Hoshizaki uses very high quality parts, their ice machines are arguably tougher than most ice machines. These ice machines are able to consistently produce ice in many adverse conditions.


Apart from the quality of the ice machine, Hoshizaki ice machines also produce top quality ice. The crescent ice produced by Hoshizaki cuber heads is very long-lasting, hard, and versatile. This ice cube is preferred by many restaurants and bars.


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