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Undercounter Ice Machines

from KoolAire designed to fit under standard commercial counters, approximately 39" high or less.

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  1. 2176.72 $2,176.72
    The Koolaire KDF-0150A undercounter ice maker works ideally behind bars since it fits under counters. It produces 168 pounds of ice in perfect conditions and has an AHRI-certified production capacity of 110 pounds.
  2. 2196.69 $2,196.69
    Under the right conditions, the Koolaire KYF-0150A undercounter ice maker can produce 169 pounds of ice in a day. Ice is formed when water runs over the evaporator grid, and once they are frozen, these cubes fall into the bin for storage.
  3. 2874.92 $2,874.92
    The Koolaire KDF-0250A 161 undercounter ice machine produces ice by running water over a cold evaporator plate, which then slowly freezes individual cubes.
  4. 2874.92 $2,874.92
    The Koolaire KYF-0250A undercounter ice maker creates 258 pounds of ice in the right conditions. Water is frozen into cubes as it flows over the evaporator grid.

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